Better Business Series HR

Aug 2021 2 Minutes

Better Business Series – 16 Sept 2021

HR & Employment Law Essentials for SME’s

We are delighted to have Dayna Edwards and Wei Dias from PeopleStart HR as our next Better Business Series guest speakers.

Date:  Thursday, 16th September 2021

Time:  5:30pm

Location:  Walker Wayland office - Level 3, 1 Preston Street, Como


Dayna (Director) and Wei are HR Consultants with PeopleStart HR, acting as the outsourced HR managers for a variety of SME’s covering the full spectrum of HR including industrial relations, employment law, recruitment, culture and change management, leadership development and talent attraction. They each have over 15 years’ experience working across a variety of industry sectors from start-ups to multi-billion dollar resource projects.

Dayna and Wei will give us a detailed look at the most common mistakes and legal non-compliances that PeopleStart encounter when undertaking HR Audits across a variety of SME’s, and how to easily avoid these in your business.

The session will cover insights into:

  • National Employment Standards: The basics
  • Key Industrial Award Requirements: What most Employers are missing
  • Employment Contracts: Legally compliant contracts and our new recommendations
  • Talent Acquisition & Employee Engagement: Five things you can do to attract and retain staff
  • Policies & Procedures: What you need legally and to protect your organisation
  • Terminations & Redundancy: Best practice and where people go wrong
  • Mental Health: Managing mental health and stress in the workplace
  • Sexual Harassment: The new laws and requirements for employers


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