Nov 2016 2 Minutes

Sales performance is vital for business’ success

The economic growth projection for 2016 of around 2% indicates that business conditions are going to be fairly tough this year. Therefore, businesses need to ensure that the sales team is working as a very efficient unit.

As part of the sales process, customers are looking for better information to be supplied to them. This includes understanding the market trends, being aware of the customers’ requirements, differentiating small businesses from larger businesses and the determination of a sales approach.

Salespeople need to understand where the business fits so that a very clear direct sales message can be framed. Part of this will require some conversations with customers, to understand what they’re looking for.

Within a business, a team member should appreciate that selling is their business as much as it is to the sales team. Selling is a “team sport”. All team members should be conscious of servicing customers, identifying trends and gathering feedback so that the business develops a database of information that’s flowing back from customers.

The marketing and sales team within a business need to work in close cooperation. Marketing is about promoting products and services on a very wide basis, whilst selling is trying to pick the “warm” prospects and talking directly to them. Sales personnel need to be passing back information they’ve gleaned from conversations with customers so that the marketing strategy encompasses all of these information in its presentation.